Friday, March 9, 2007

Crazy Night

Friday started out with the first "fulltight" outing. This was the newly formed group of party animals at R&H India. After a long day at work about 10 of us or so met up at Cabana, for some food and drinks. This was a cozy place with a dancefloor, but none of us ventured there... we all just started dancing in front of our table. The vibe was really good and I really started taking a liking to Indian club music. Everything the DJ played was a mashup of American and Hindi beats. Occasionally even some oldschool American classics. We had a blast dancing away and before we knew it the place was closing down. Mike, one of the animators, talked most of us into heading over to Polly's (short for Polly Ester's!) because he promised it was open till 5am! We were ready for on LATE night. After catching a cab, we get a call about half way there that there was an accident. Two guys were riding on a motor cycle and the guy on the back fell asleep. His shifting weight caused the bike to veer into a median and crash. Luckily they were ok except for some scrapes. The other group planning to meet us at Polly's went to help them out.

So then there was three. Aditya, Mike, and I were headed to meet Mike's girl Diya at Polly's. Dia was a funky sorta chick that you don't really meet many like in India. She was dancing with a way to drunk British fellow that the three of us decided to protect her from! We ordered a drink and 2 sips in, they shut the place down. Aditya and I are furious with Mike, as this cost us a pretty penny to get into... But Mike says not to worry he's got another place in mind.

So the 4 of us now get into another cab and go to a place whose name escapes me. You probably wouldn't find it from the street either. We show up at a pretty fancy looking "back door" where we pay a ridiculous (by Indian standards) fee to get in. There is only bouncers there and they lead us through a long winding kitchen. Yes I said kitchen, like mafia style :) At the end of the kitchen it starts to get dark and we continue on to a staircase where we can hear music. At the top of the stairs it is jam packed people. "This place will definitely not get shut down", Mike says. Aditya and I look at eachother warily, but I believe him!

We all have a blast here dancing until 5 or 6 am. Afterwards we catch another cab home. Poor Aditya has to travel an hour more by autorickshaw after Mike and I get dropped off. Later on we learn that his driver fell asleep at the wheel and flipped over! Luckily again he was only scratched.

What a drama-filled night.
I love India.

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