Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday night at Rock Bottom

Tonight I went to a bar called Rio after work with some co-workers. It was a really nice trendy place. Looked just like some places in LA that I have been to. Nice seating areas, flat screens tv's on the wall. We had a hard time finding it though since they aren't very keen on addresses in India! There are street names but not many signs and no numbers on the buildings. Thank God for cell phones, but even with that it still took us 15 minutes of circling in the rick (Mumbai slang for auto-rickshaw) to find it.

After we had a couple drinks we went to a club called Rock Bottom. There we met up with a bunch of others from Rhythm. This place was pretty awesome. It was packed with people and everyone was having a great time. At one point there was a couple of Ukrainian girls came out and were dancing on stage. It cracked me up! At one point there was a beautiful girl going through the crowd with a mic and a camera guy following her. She interview Serkan my coworker and his wife. Then a guy from work nudged me forward to her and she pulled me aside and was trying to "interview" me too. I could not understand anything she was saying because the music was so loud. So I just looked at the camera and shouted I love India! :) Later I found out that she was from Channel V, an Indian music channel.

I had a blast tonight. Something about India is just making me come alive. I haven't had this much fun in a long time!

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Paul said...

I didn't know you got a wife--fresh!