Thursday, February 22, 2007

Wedding and resort

Wilmer and I left a little early form work today with Prashant and Vani. They wanted to take us to a resort outside of the city for dinner. It was a bit of a drive but it was nice to get out of the bustling city a bit. The resort was very nice and overlooked the ocean. There was a wedding going on so we got to see what that was like. We only just watched the groom arriving. He was riding a horse and there was a crowd of people surrounding him and dancing in the front. We watched for about 15 minutes and they moved maybe 20 feet. They were lighting off fireworks too. We had been seeing fireworks nearly every night so far and now we realized that they were all for weddings, which in a city of 20 million, there's weddings all the time.

We ate at the restaurant at the resort, which there was barely anyone. It was a nice peaceful dinner where we all chatted and talked about the overload of things we had been experiencing in the last few days. I was surprised to see a beef burger served here, so I ordered it since I was craving. Note to self, don't expect the best cooked beef from a country that doesn't eat it! Haha well it wasn't bad, just not that impressive :)

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