Monday, February 19, 2007

Work in Mumbai

I'm Exhausted. Jet Lag Sucks! I woke up feeling refreshed off of an 8 hour sleep. By mid-afternoon I was whipped. Trying to talk technical was terribly difficult. My brain felt like mush. I thought people complaining of jet lag were just being wusses about it... Now I get it! I hope I didn't embarrass myself or say something foolish!

Ruchi, the guest relations contact for R&H India picked me up this morning in an auto-rickshaw. Sort of like a 3 wheel motorcycle with a shell build around it to resemble a car. It costs me 9 rupees (the minimum fare) to get to work. Thats about 20 cents! (44 rupees to the US dollar).

The building our office in is awesome. It is only about 5 years or so old, so it has a very modern curvy-glass design. It has waterfall-walls in the entrance even. It is hard to believe that this building is on the same street as decrepit shacks built out of leftover construction supplies.

The people at work are amazing. Everyone is so friendly and curious about me. Lots of questions, smiling faces, and genuine humanity. I never felt so welcome. They have catered food everyday for lunch, and everybody eats together. It gets pretty crowded but no one is afraid to cram together. I get some special treatment because I am a guest... sorta felt odd though. There is an older lady that was almost like the company mother, she brought me water at lunch and a bowl of pomegranates in the afternoon. At lunch they had a "salad" sort of thing that was basically just chopped up veggies and onions. I was sitting with Serkan, a Turkish guy from LA who will be working in India for a year, when I happened to eat a whole chili from the salad mistaking it for a green bean! haha I seriously should have known better :) Serkan never let me live that down!

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