Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Just another day in India

Today I worked another long day. I stayed late many days because I spent time not working! I don't have a computer back at my place so I have to book any travel arrangements at work. Plus I have people at work to help me figure out what I want to do. So today I spent a good chunk of the day planning my trip to the "Golden Triangle" with Ruchi. I booked some hotels and got really nervous about embarking on this adventure by myself, but I am stoked! I had booked my flights last week so I was almost all set for my 5 day trip.

I came home and just wanted a lazy night, so I cooked up some ramen noodles I got at the market and they were terrible! They even were surprisingly more expensive than the 10 for a buck ones in the US! I did really like the biscuits I got for 10 Rs though. They tasted very similar to Vanilla Wafers, but I like these more.

Flipping through the tv I stumbled upon Crorepati. This is the Indian version of "Who wants to be a millionaire". A crore is 10 million. The top prize on the show is 2 crore rupees, which ends up being around $450,000. The whole show was in English, although when the host chatted to the contestant it was in Hindi. He would answer in English though. You HAVE to be bilingual if you grow up in India! I couldn't answer a single question. Not even the first round, which in the US they ask stuff grade schoolers can answer!

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